The Terms for Opening Account


For potential investors, which will open a securities account through investment Gallery Indonesia Stock Exchange STIESIA Surabaya, following a Securities Account opening procedure: 


1. There was confirmation from prospective investors to account opening 

2. Prospective investors fill out forms provided by PT. Reliance Securities Tbk. as the company\\\'s securities 

3. Forms that have been submitted to the PT. Reliance Securities Tbk. 

4. Of PT. Reliance Securities Tbk. The form is then sent to Jakarta 

5. Period of approximately 2 weeks prior to the prospective investors obtain shares account number 

6. Investors also get the ID and password of the PT. Reliance Securities Tbk. 

7. Investors then transfer some funds to be used for investment into the account number is already in the can 

8. At the last stage of the investors gain access card KPEI